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New Muslim Packages

New Muslim Packages

Care packages and educational materials are continuously being procured, assembled and distributed to newly converted Muslims in 5 states: CA, NJ, NY, TX, VA.


Each package consists of:

  • A travel tote.

  • A copy of the Quran –English translation.

  • A prayer rug.

  • A Kufi (small hat) for men or Hijab set for women.

  • Prayer beads (Misbaha).

  • A copy of "You Should Know This Person Muhammad (PBUH)”.

  • “How to Pray” flyer.

  • A USB drive with almost everything a new convert needs to learn about being a Muslim:

    1. Full audio of the Noble Quran –Arabic recitation with English translation of every verse of every chapter of the Quran.

    2. The New Muslim Guide: a complete PDF guide to every aspect of Islam from principals of faith to the pillars of Islam to daily practice of Islam.

    3. Instructional  videos: Step by step instructions on how to perform Salah (prayer),  Wudu (ablution) and body purification; Sunnah (Prophet’s traditions and practices), and some essential Azkar (Remembrances).

    4. Azkar (Remembrances) cards.

    5. Essays: Three Essays on Tawhid (Concept of Oneness, monotheism in Islam); Clear Your Doubts About Islam (50 Answers to Common Questions).

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