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Our Latest Projects

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Eid Clothes Drive for Orphans and The Needy

Brand new clothing was provided to 160 children in two suburbs of Khartoum, Sudan; most of these children were orphans. The full outfits made it just in time for celebrating the Eid Holiday!

Ramadan Iftar Meals

A total of 2,200 pre-packaged hot meals were provided for 14 days during the month of Ramadan in various areas of Khartoum, Sudan. Recipients of the Iftar meals ranged from school children (boarding schools housing orphaned children who were displaced due to conflicts in the region), to elderly nursing homes, to rest houses for families of children cancer patients.

Emergency Clean Water Tankers

17 Tankers carrying clean drinking water were dispatched to various outlying areas of Khartoum, Sudan in May 2021, where there was a shortage of running water. Municipal water had been shut off for extended periods of time and people were suffering due to excessive heat and lack of water. These tankers provided much needed relief to the affected communities.

Ramadan Packages for Needy Families

Approximately 200 needy families in Khartoum, Sudan, were provided with food supplies enough to last the whole fasting month of Ramadan. Each package consisted of flour, rice, oil, dates, lentils, sugar, chick peas, tomato paste, raisins, dried apricot and tea.

Similar packages were sent to Egypt and Somalia.

Alanfal Kindergarten Rennovation

This kindergarten is run by a selfless educator, herself needing financial assistance, who was previously offering her services free of charge to orphans in her impoverished neighborhood. As the region experienced significant flooding disasters, in addition to the global Covid-19 pandemic, she lost both the building sheltering her young pupils, and her livelihood. Mohibbat Alrahman Inc., along with other generous local donors, helped bring back this kindergarten to life.

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