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Wadai Alakhira

Wadai Alakhira

This is our general donation box for funding urgent projects where relief needs to be provided without delay. These donations also fund most of our local community projects and volunteer activities.

In 2021, the following projects were funded by Wadai Alakhira:

  • Homeless Hygiene Kits were assembled and distributed to the unhoused in Los Angeles, California.

  • Care Kits are being prepared to be handed out to hospitalized cancer patients in multiple US cities. 

  • Medical Relief to individuals without sufficient health coverage.

  • Rent Assistance to families in distress.

  • Utilities Assistance to families in distress.

  • Tuition Assistance for Quran school.

  • Hunger Relief contribution to “The Muslim Center's Hunger Van” program.

  • Contribution to help re-build the Islamic Center of Tacoma after arson.

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